Without a doubt, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have become one of the fastest-growing crazes in the world of cryptocurrency. With billions in revenue, the important question to ask is where the industry is headed next. 

Three words -- NFT-based games. In this modern online gaming take, players can collect their in-game assets and trade them within the game’s ecosystem. In a play-to-earn NFT game, users gain the chance to develop income streams since they are awarded tokens (and possible NFTs) the longer they play. These tokens are carefully incorporated into the game’s crafting process to be handed out at strategic times.

Current games fall short in the difficulty and confusion that new players first experience when entering the space. Many of them are complex and require some background knowledge of the blockchain and its features. Furthermore, the decentralized gaming world may often come across as an “elitist club,” accessible to those who have funds at their disposal. Finally, many games don’t offer adequate rewards for the time commitment players need to make to succeed.

The play-to-earn game, Monsters Clan, introduces gamers to a new “Monsterverse,” where the platform strives to address all these barriers.

Monsters Clan, a virtual monsters NFT game, was designed based on the lifestyle of Monsters. On Monsters Clan, users can decide to own, train or compete with their monsters in various battle modes in exchange for digital currencies and other NFTs. The Monsters Clan game is said to be “the first-ever third-person NFT play-to-earn game in the blockchain” and the “first-ever NFT fighting game allowing players to control their Monster characters in every fight.”

Diving into the “Monsterverse”

Among other firsts, Monsters Clan has made noise about its concept of NFT renting to help facilitate a proper MONS game economic model. 

Similar to the concept of a rental house property, users can now rent the digital asset. Renting is in alignment with the team’s goal to “give ease, fun, and features to every gamer who is playing the Monsters clan NFT game.” By renting an NFT, any barriers to entry, including buying an NFT to play the game, are removed. Benefits are said to be twofold, as gamers who can’t afford to buy NFTs can rent at a lower cost than purchasing, and NFT investors can collect passive income.

The Monsters Clan fantasy world is powered by the Polygon Network and Binance (BNB) Smart Chain. To gain access to this ecosystem, players may begin by purchasing a monster of their own. In addition to Monsters being available for purchase from the marketplace, players can also buy potions to create new baby Monsters in the Laboratory. 

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The platform’s native MONS token provides players with additional functionality such as governance rights and a currency within the Monsters Clan economy. Monsters Clan shares its intention to implement a new method of staking. 

However, the utility of the MONS tokens is ultimately geared towards helping community members “be a part of a thriving and self-sustaining gaming economy.”

Ongoing developments

As a fighting game, Monsters Clan will have several different battle modes, including PVP, Tournaments, Clans, Fighting and AI Mode.​​ The platform integrates the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain to further guarantee an auditable source of randomness between battle matches.

For the Q4 of 2021, the platform has also announced developments, including the launch of the Monsters Clan NFT Marketplace, an NFT Lottery Program, an Alpha Release of the Monsters Clan Game and new partnerships with well-established companies in the gaming industry, further propelling their mission forwards.

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