The launch of this space-themed NFT collection gives users access to an intergalactic metaverse including an NFT game, yield farming service and digital art collection.

It all starts in a metaverse where an intergalactic war breaks out.  Four thousand inhabitants from different blockchain planets, including Bitcoione, the largest planet in the Universe, and Cardaggar, a self-governed society, must take refuge in an abandoned city. Here, they build a new society called ‘SIDUS.’ To distance themselves from their past stories and the clashes that happened between planets; the inhabitants choose a new identity for themselves under the name “NFT Heroes.”

These - 4,000 NFT Heroes begin to fight for resources as years go by. Each competing for their chance in the spotlight. As a result, SIDUS begins to resemble a battlefield. Some inhabitants slowly start to modernize their bodies and evolve their skills. These ones take on the name ‘Rare Heroes,’ with a select few NFT Heroes rising to form the Squad of Legendary Heroes.

A look into the metaverse

When asked about the project, Dan Khonmenko, the CEO of NFT STARS and NFT Heroes, provides the following description of the project:

“SIDUS: The City of NFT Heroes is an NFT avatar collection, a gaming DAO metaverse and a yield farm all blended together.” He continues, “we take the best from each to provide users with multiple earning opportunities, an unforgettable gaming experience and a space where they can wear armour displaying their favourite crypto project motifs.”

NFT Heroes was created through a team effort between NFT STARS and Lead FX Artist Vavaev Maxim. The result is more than 200 artists to bring the launch of SIDUS and 6,000 Galaxy Heroes.

To gain access to this metaverse, users need to get their hands on one of these avatars. From there, they can craft, trade, play and earn, as they compete with each other for the spotlight and power in the SIDUS community. Each avatar can equip themselves with a sonic grenade, light-saber, armor-piercing bullets and other next-generation weaponry. Participating in this in-game economy, users help to create value for the rest of the network and can receive NFTs tokens in compensation.

With SIDUS, players can also stake their NFT for farming, where compensation is determined on rarity.

More insights on NFT HerOES

Growth across the galaxy

NFT Heroes is a brand new product launched in August 2021. After which, the 6,000 Heroes are planned for release in two phases until they all hit the market by September 10th, 2021. The team behind NFT Heroes shares their excitement as they await future advancements. 

A look at their roadmap reveals:

  • The creation of the Galaxy Marketplace, an in-game location for players
  • Staking features and the launch of the DAO metaverse

On the metaverse, NFT holders will also gain governance rights over key decisions and can be exercised through direct voting and designation of multisig signatures to the DAO’s treasury.

NFT STARS, the developer of Galaxy Heroes and creator of the digital-art ecosystem centered around nonfungible token (NFT) technology, also has their own plans for the future. Being founded earlier in June, NFT STARS is now known as a marketplace that hand selects each creator either as a decision by the executive board or voted for by the community.

Among the artists include the creator of the music label “Mad Fatti,” the sculptor-miniaturist Salavat Fidai and the 3D visual artist Adam Martinakis. To date, the biggest sale on their platform was the art piece “Singularity” for 229 ETH.

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