Prometheus is Metagame Arena Studios' first multichain strategic RPG nonfungible token (NFT) game. Creating a new metaverse experience by integrating play-to-earn, create-to-ear, and social-to-earn economic systems.

Metagame Arena Studios 

Metagame Arena Studios is a startup company that is currently working on several Web 3.0 games. Prometheus is Metagame Arena Studios' first multichain strategic RPG nonfungible token (NFT) game. Creating a new metaverse experience by integrating play-to-earn, create-to-earn and social-to-earn economic systems. Stay true to the game's original intent: play for fun! In its most recent oversubscribed, the company raised $2.3 million. 

The company that preceded Metagame Arena Studios was a game development company with over six years of expertise in the industry, tailoring the development of numerous gaming companies worldwide. The studio develops a large IP series of boutique game clusters around the original NFT and is committed to becoming an innovator and participant in the era of Web 3.0 games. This foundation has grown into a platform that blends decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance, yield community and professional game review, allowing more gamers and creators to participate.

The Game: Prometheus

Prometheus is the first multichain NFT game to hybridize war chess and card play based on world mythology. The game has duel nonfungible token and fungible token tokenomic system and battle cards rely on the divine card to produce(create), and each upgrading of the battle card consumes two cards of the lower level (destruction), and a total of 10 generations can be upgraded. Upgrade cards are the only way to get advanced and secret characters. 

Divine vs battle NFT

Each faction will have 15 different combat characters. These 15 combat characters belong to five different professions and correspond to the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The battle character NFT officially sold and bestowed by the divine NFT will only have elementary occupations. Intermediate and advanced occupation characters need to be obtained by players by synthesizing two elementary battle NFT cards.

The combat character NFT will have the following two functions:

  1. In battle, use the battle character NFT to form a team of 3-5 battle NFTs to directly engage in PVP and PVE battles to obtain token rewards.
  2. Synthesis, the synthesis will consume two combat character NFTs to forge a new possible higher tier combat character NFT.

Combat NFT's combat ability and may evolve into a more powerful advanced combat role NFT.

Five composable and two immutable characteristics and four skill slots make up the Combat NFT. Players can synthesize to enhance combat NFT's characteristics and match more relevant skills to improve combat NFT's combat abilities to get an advantage in battle.

Divine cards as units of creations do not directly engage in-game content because the battle card completes all PVE and PVP content. There are three factions with 45 combat fighters and up to hundreds of skills can be constructed by battle cards. A combination of card play or yielding strategy inside the game can be highly versatile and enjoyable.

Limitless possibilities

Prometheus will produce a comprehensive loot version of NFT based on our divine cards and combat cards in the future. The particular NFT loot setting will be modified by community players. We will consider ideas from the community and MGA airdrop prizes will be given. 

Players can purchase land to establish a union. After establishing a union on the land, they can obtain the yield of the land. Using the resources generated by the land can cast construction NFT. Placing the construction NFT on the land will yield gain and combat attribute gain. Help players gain an advantage in guild battles of land competition. Players can create new battle scenes based on the module and use the new battle scenes to replace the original battle scenes in the game. The scene itself is also an NFT token, and players can buy battle scenes created by others in the market to replace their own battle scenes. Players can create new buildings based on modules, or they can generate completely original buildings by themselves through the editor software provided by us. The generated buildings will obtain bonus effects in the game according to specific rules. The building itself is also an NFT token, and players can also bring benefits for themselves through the NFT tokens they create.

Time of launch

In October 2021, Prometheus will release a demo and begin selling NFT. Prometheus has locked the top NFT marketplace to cooperate with the sales of NFT. Launchpad will be launched in November 2021 followed by NFT sales and beta testing of the remaining two fractions. Prometheus will be officially launched in February 2022.

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