Hathor Network joins the fintech world, integrating with Simplex and issuing VISA cards for its users.

To empower both existing enthusiasts and our incoming user base, Hathor Labs is delighted to announce a partnership with Simplex to bring users new, seamless and secure ways to access the HTR coin, either by directly acquiring via Simplex or withdrawing earnings from HTR sales and spending funds anywhere in the world using a co-branded Visa debit card.

This partnership provides Hathor Network users with an end-to-end solution, covering all their crypto needs from seamless HTR on-ramps and offramps to co-branded Visa debit cards, bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto.

This integration with Simplex makes interacting with crypto far more accessible for users, as purchases are made seamlessly through a secure checkout page using credit or debit cards. Simplex’s industry-leading fraud prevention capabilities guarantee zero risk on every transaction.

Hathor Network users and miners will now benefit from access to better liquidity tools for their HTR in a safe and compliant manner through state-of-the-art payment avenues like Visa, with the intuitive Simplex interface.

“The way we see it, blockchain finds itself in a moment similar to the beginning of the internet when it comes to interactions and connectivity. By joining Simplex and Visa, we plan to offer our users new ways to overcome those barriers and achieve financial freedom.”

- Yan Martins, Hathor Network.

The integration between Hathor and Simplex will be live in the following weeks.

Join us at the Live AMA Session on Cointelegraph for the exciting news!

On the 20th of October, Yan Martins (Hathor Labs CEO) and Nimrod Lehavi (Simplex CEO and Co-Founder) will participate in a live AMA session hosted by Cointelegraph to discuss the integration as well as the co-branded VISA card.

About Simplex 

Simplex, a Nuvei company, is the fiat/crypto infrastructure for the entire world. An EU-licensed financial institution, Simplex aims to change the status quo of the current crypto markets by providing simple, seamless and secure channels to convert over 50+ fiat currencies to 100+ cryptocurrencies. Simplex empowers its vast network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA and more. Keep up with the latest Simplex news by following us on Twitter or visiting simplex.com

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network was built with decentralization and scalability in mind. Dr. Marcelo Salhab Brogliato proposed a novel architecture mixing DAGs and blockchain during his Ph.D. thesis in 2018 and, together with a team of highly qualified specialists, launched its mainnet in January 2020.

The idea behind Hathor Network is to provide a simplified solution with minimum entry barriers for any user to engage with blockchain technology day-by-day, like issuing tokens or making payments. The blockchain is a proof-of-work merged-mining chain with Bitcoin. 

Recently, Hathor Labs released the Hathor.Green initiative to provide extra incentives to Bitcoin mining companies or individuals who also merge mine $HTR utilizing renewable energy sources.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.


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