Frutti Dino is a blockchain-based, nonfungible token- (NFT)-based and multiplatform game played as a strategy role playing game. The main characters are adorable dinosaurs of various types and hues, made from culturing materials called Ampoules and hatched out of Fruit Ambers.

Play-to-earn gaming: A new strong player in the blockchain industry 

It is not easy to determine whether Axi Infinity is a huge success or a simple trend and flow yet, but it is clear that NFT games that claim play-to-earn in the current blockchain and cryptocurrency market are becoming the mainstream with concrete results.

Frutti Dino is definitely headed in the right direction with a heavy focus on play-to-earn mechanics. Statistics show a 140% increase in the number of unique active wallets interacting with the gaming platform in the last quarter. Blockchain gaming is becoming bigger and bigger. Frutti Dino is a well-positioned game to become the next big hit. 

Currently released play-to-earn games still lacking in terms of game quality, speed, competitiveness and user experience. Frutti Dino, however, has partnered with several companies to either borrow a proof-of-stake- (PoS)-based sidechain, which is Ethereum's expansion solution, or build its mainnet to solve low fees, processing speed that can handle transactions required for game operation and operational efficiency. In addition, experts from global game development and publishing companies have gathered and are ready to create optimized NFT games in consideration of quality and user experience.

Frutti Dino aims to advance and succeed in the global game market through its own game decentralized finance (DeFi) solution and high-quality games.

What exactly is Dino?

Dino is a unique creature made by adding a fruit ampoule to a dinosaur. Except for the Genesis Dino, all Dinos are created through breeding and they are raised, upgraded and destroyed through users. Choose carefully when breeding, as traits are passed on through generations of Dino characters. 

Most importantly, players can improve their Dinos through Crafting System and Partial Upgrade. Users can upgrade Dino’s external appearance and performance based on how much effort they put into gameplay. 

There are three types of Dino characters: carnivores, herbivores and hybrids(omnivores). Additionally, combining Dinos with fruits will give them one of three in-game classes: tank, dealer, or support.  

Frutti Dino tokens

Frutti Dino uses FDT and FAT tokens to provide earning opportunities to players. FDT is an ERC-20 based governance token for the platform, which allows players to access Dino breeding, staking and Dino exchange. On the other hand, FAT is an ERC-20 utility token, which facilitates in-game transactions and play-to-earn mechanics.

Pre-sale is coming soon

Frutti Dino is just getting started, so stay tuned, the game will launch soon. According to the official roadmap, the game will launch in the second quarter of 2022. However, to get a head start and create the strongest Dino team for the launch, you have plenty of opportunities.

The official first pre-sale for the Frutti Dino FDT token starts on Oct. 18. You can now join the whitelist on the official Frutti Dino website. Only those who have participated in the whitelist can participate in the first pre-sale. Additionally, the first generation of Frutti Dino NFTs will drop in November this year as well as the opening of the Dino Breeding site.

With an extensive roadmap, Frutti Dino is aiming to introduce a universe of playing opportunities and events centered around the Frutti Dino ecosystem. 

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