Metaverse, October 14, 2021 — Dreams Quest, a blockchain-based nonfungible token (NFT) gaming platform, has officially launched its NFTs on Binance NFT marketplace on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. This listing on Binance NFT exclusive event marks another milestone in Dreams Quest journey to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to its users in the metaverse of NFT gaming. 

Dreams Quest RPG melds the game exploration within game battles using NFT cards as a player vs player game battle. Each player is fully immersed into their character through its true RPG experience. The quest world consists of daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly quests. The debut of these NFT cards has been listed on Binance NFT and has been sold out within two seconds.

The guilds and factions of Dreams Quest tavern have been working non-stop to create an ultimate gaming experience. Dreams Quest kicked off its first quest of Founders edition Celestial and Infernal Guardians along with Chests of Arythmea — packed with a variety of in-game goodies on the Binance NFT marketplace

“We are overwhelmed with the response we’ve received as our first NFT drop on Binance got completely sold out in two seconds. We are grateful for the trust and support that we’ve received from our community,” said Steve Good, co-founder of Dreams Quest.

“It has been an incredible adventure so far with many more quests to complete starting with Dreams Quest IDO on Duck Starter on Oct. 14 and RedKite and GameFi platforms on Oct. 15,” said Leslie Daniel Chan, co-founder of Dreams Quest.

Dreams Quest has also officially launched its cinematic teaser. A short 3D cinematic trailer video featuring top-notch designs and intricate renderings that showcases the metaverse world of mystical creatures. A perfect story of what Dreams Quest is about.

“We are extremely happy to showcase our first video that will set the tone of the vision that we have for this game. We’ve worked really hard with an amazing team of polish producers (lead by Rafal Kucharczuk) with many years of experience working on movie productions (Netflix and others) This is one of the many to come,'' said Paulii Good, co-founder, creative director and chief marketing officer of Dreams Quest. 

The teaser trailer video can be viewed here.

More information about Dreams Quest can be found on its website. Users interested to purchase Dreams Quest’s NFTs can get it on Binance NFT Marketplace here.

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is a decentralized play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs to create unknown factors that will affect character attributes in-game, and post-game outcomes will dynamically change the NFT card attributes and write them on the blockchain (the ethereal scribes) to show game history for each card. The game is also free to play, which removes a barrier to entry.


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